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Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!” 
Psalm 100:1-2


The Music Ministry at Broadway United Methodist Church is dedicated to enabling everyone to experience the presence and power of God Our Father through congregational singing, choral singing in the Chancel Choir, small choral ensembles, instrumental music, Handbells, and in our  Children’s music programs.  It is our desire to glorify God through music in all gatherings and programs.

  We strive to embody the gospel of Jesus Christ and his mission by reaching out to each other, the community, and the world; nurturing one another in the life of the church as we proclaim the gospel through music. We celebrate our Music Programs each fall, usually the last part of September or first of October, with Music Dedication Sunday, where we dedicated ourselves, our music, and all of our music programs to the Glory of God.  All of our music programs are involved in participating in this Worship Service.

When In Our Music God Is Glorified, and adoration leaves no room for pride, It is as though the whole creation cried: Alleluia
Let every instrument be tuned for praise! Let all rejoice who have a voice to raise! And may God give us faith to sing always: Alleluia
CCLI# 1394764

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir is a non-auditioned group of dedicated singers who meet on Wednesday evenings (August through June) from 7:00pm-8:30pm. The choir currently has over 40 registered members, which is made up of singers from all walks of life and professions.  The choir is open to singers from 9th grade though adult.  The Chancel Choir is a supportive fellowship with numerous opportunities to deepening friendships and caring for one other. In addition to leading in Worship each Sunday morning for our 10:30 Traditional Worship Service, and is comprised of people of all musical abilities from professional musicians to those that have done very little to no singing. The choir presents numerous special programs though-out the church year, usually with a small chamber orchestra and organ or brass choir, percussion and organ.  The Chancel Choir continues the rich heritage of “excellence” in its singing and in the outstanding literature it sings. It continues to be an important part of each worship service.  The chancel choir sings with our magnificent organ each week and on special occasions with a variety of different instrumentals.

Visitors are welcome to come and experience the wonderful fellowship on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm.

  If interested in visiting or joining the Choir, contact Art DeWeese @ Broadway United Methodist Church 270-443-2401, or

Children’s Music Programs

Broadway shares the joy of God’s gift of music with our children in our children’s choir programs.  Whether singing in our 10:30 worship service or for our Wednesday Evening gatherings, our children are directed by professionals who provide a musical education coupled with Christian teachings.  The Children’s Choirs annual fall kickoff begins with Broadway Rocks.  

Pre-School Choir - Little Lambs (ages 3-K)

Meeting Time-Wednesday evenings 5:00pm-5:25pm

(The choir meets from Setpember - April )

Director: Jane Wells

Workers:  Jan Haynes, Jennifer Gay

*Register here for Pre-School Choir

The Pre-School Choir program gives preschoolers and Kindergarten children opportunities to sing, move, create, explore and imagine, offering musical experiences which set the foundation for the choir programs beginning in first grade. The children learn about Hymn writers and learn a number of Hymns throughout the year.  They sing for our annual Christmas program and for our end of the year program, which is held in April. They sing on Music Dedication Sunday.

Joyful Noise Singers-(grades 1-3)

Meeting Time-Wednesday Evenings 5:00pm-5:30pm

(The choir meets from September till late April)

Director-Art DeWeese

Workers-Debbie DeWeese, Debbie Daviess

*Register here for Joyful Noise Singers

Like the Pre-School choir, the Joyful Noise Singers gives children the opportunities to sing, move, create, play rhythm instruments, explore and imagine, offering musical experiences which continue to set the foundation for the choir programs. The Joyful Singers also learn about basic musical concepts and singing independently and with a group through activities and games.  They continue to learn the Hymns of our Faith and about the Hymn writers and important facts about each one. They sing alone in our Traditional Worship Service on Sunday mornings, different times though-out the year, and with the Chancel Choir for special occasions.  They sing alone and with the Chancel Choir for Music Dedication Sunday each year.

The choir presents a Biblically based spring musical, which features ensemble singing, choreography, solos, and speaking parts, or an end of the year program, usually the middle part of May.

Gloria Singers-(grades 4-5)

Meeting Time TBA

Director-Art DeWeese

*Register here for Gloria Singers

Older elementary children continue to build on a variety of musical concepts, including part singing, tone production, and music reading.  They continue to sing Hymns and hymn-based texts.  They sing in worship services throughout the year and with the Chancel Choir for special occasions. The Gloria Singers sing alone and with the Chancel Choir for Music Dedication Sunday.  They along with the Joyful Noise Singers present a Christmas program or Musical, usually the second or third Wednesday evening in December each year.  They are introduced to the Choir Chimes and are able to play in worship at different times during the year.  The choir presents a Biblically based spring musical, which features ensemble singing, choreography, solos, and speaking parts, or an end of the year program, usually the middle part of May.


Original Organ built by Moeller
Rebuilt and added to by Randall Dyer & Associates


16' Quintadena

 8'   Solo Trumpet (ped) 


8'  Principal


8' Bourdon

 Great to Great 16


8' Spitzflote

Great to Great   4


4' Octave 

  Great Unison Off


4' Spillflote


2' Super Octave


IV Mixture



8' Rohrflote  

16' Basson

8' Viole

8' Trompette

8' Viole Celeste TC

 8' Basson (ext from 16)

4' Principal

8' Vox Humana

4' Flute Harmonique 

4' Clairon

2 2/3' Nasard


2' Flachflote

 Swell to Swell 16

1 3/5 Tierce

Swell to Swell 4

III Plein Jeu



8' Gedackt

8' Solo Trumpet (ped)  

 Harp (from C2)

8' Dulciana

8' Krummhorn


8' Unda Maris TC


4' Nachthorn

Choir to Choir 16


2' Principal

 Choir to Choir 4


1 1/3' Quinte  

Choir Unison Off


III Zimbel 




(in ceiling over center of nave)

(uses the choir manual)

8' Fern Flute

8' Vox Humana

8' Muted Viole


8' Viole Celeste TC 


4' Flute


II Violine



32' Resultant 

  16' Posaune

16' Principal 

 16' Basson (from Sw)

16' Bourdon 

8' Trompete (ext from Posaune)

16' Quintadena (from Gt) 

 4' Klarine (ext from Posaune)

16' Rohrflotebass (ext. from Sw) 

4' Basson (from Sw)

8' Octave


8' Bourdon (ext. from 16')


8' Spitzflote (from Gt)


4' Choralbass


4' Spitzflote (from Gt)


II Raushcquinte



Gt to Ped 8

 Sw to Gt 16

Ch to Sw 8

 Sw to Ch 16

Sw to Ped 8

 Sw to Gt 8  

Sw to Ch 8


Sw to Ped 4 

Sw to Gt 4 

 Sw to Ch 4


Ch to Ped 8  

Ch to Gt 16


Ch to Ped 4

 Ch to Gt 8


Ch to Gt 4



10 General with Toe Studs  

Cymbelstern Toe Stud

6 Swell


Sw to Ped with Toe Stud


6 Great


Gt to Ped with Toe Stud


6 Choir  


Ch to Ped with Toe Stud


6 Pedal


Full Organ with Toe Stud


Cancel & Set buttons


Handbell Choir-(Fellowship Ringers)

Meeting Time- Sunday evenings 5:30pm-6:30pm

(The choir meets from August till early June)

Director-Art DeWeese

The Fellowship Ringers is open to anyone interested in playing handbells.  It is very helpful to know how to read basic music and basic rhythms, but not a requirement.  The Bell choir plays for Worship though-out the year and for special occasions in the life of our church.  It is a very diverse group of ringers, from the very experienced ringer to beginner.  We have a five octave set of Schulmerich Bells and Choir Chimes.  If interested in joining or visiting the fellowship ringers contact Art DeWeese or a current member.

History of the Handbell

The first tuned handbells were developed by brothers Robert and Willam Cor in Aldbourne, Wiltshire, England, between 1696 and 1724. After some experimenting the brothers began tuning their bells more finely to have an accurate fundamental tone, and fitted them with hinged clappers that moved only in one plane.

Originally, tuned sets of handbells were used by change ringers to rehearse outside their towers. The handbell sets used by change ringers had the same number of bells as in the towers, usually six or twelve tuned to a diatonic scale.  Handbells were first brought to the United States from England by Margaret Shurcliff in 1902. Almost all of the bells used in the US are English handbells and is a reference to a specific type of bell, not to the country of orgin.

Malmark and Schulmerich Carillons, are where the majority of handbells are crafted today. 

Broadway Music Ministry Staff

Art DeWeese

Director of Music Ministries



Office Hours- Monday & Tuesday-8:30am-4:00pm

                          Wednesday 9:00am-8:45pm

                          Thursday depending on the events of the week and season


Nancy Ryan




 Church Office (Rehearsal in the Sanctuary Thursday 8:30am-1:00pm)

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