COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response Update: August 4, 2020

In-person worship to resume August 9, 2020. Please read the following details.

While staff continues to work both remotely and with limited office time, USPS mail, e-mail, and voicemails at (270)-443-2401 are being received.

We are grateful for a re-opening team who is working hard to develop and implement a plan for in-person worship services. Please read the message below from Rev. Chandler regarding the work of this team found below.

Broadway continues to offer thanks for your support that allows Christ to be offered to our community and throughout the world. Checks may be sent to the office or you may give through our secure on-line  giving portal.


In-Person Worship Procedures

The following procedures are from the Broadway United Methodist Church Reopening Team in accordance with The United States Federal CDC Guidelines, The Commonwealth of Kentucky Guidelines, and The Guidelines of The West Kentucky-Tennessee Conference of The United Methodist Church.

We ask that all the following procedures listed below be adhered to for your safety and protection. If they make you feel uncomfortable, please stay home, and enjoy the live streaming services. Also, we ask that if you have any cold/flu/allergy/sinus like symptoms please stay home and enjoy the live streaming. 

Reopening Team: Voting Members - Harry Alvis; Dr. Bill Bruce; Jay Collins; Pam Collins; Susan Hancock; Rodger Lofton; L. V. McGinty; Chrissy Shelton; Doug Shelton; and Mark Whitlow. Non-voting members - Ray Chandler, Natalie Krupansky, Nancy Ryan, and John Sparks

Entrance into Whitlow Hall

The doors going into Whitlow Hall off the Jefferson Street lot will be the only entrance and exit available for attendees. In case of an emergency, other doors will become available.


Parking will be available in the Jefferson Street lot, which is the closest lot to the doors of Whitlow Hall. After parking, please head directly to the Whitlow Hall entrance without congregating in the lot. For those who are physically able to walk more distance than others, please park in spots farther away from the doors; although you are most welcome to drop someone off under the canopy. A parking lot attendant (with a mask) will be on hand to move people along and to assist with any issues. Maintain the required physical six-foot distance as you head to the entrance. Once your temperature has been taken you will receive a Welcome Back bag that contains a mask, if you have not received it already.

Staff members are requested to park in the Broadway lot or the Eighth Street lot, but only if you are working with Community Kitchen.

Hours: The doors going into Whitlow Hall will never be unlocked. A staff member will be at the doors by 9:30 am to let the volunteers into the building. The volunteers who are assigned to take temperatures will be the ones opening the doors for you beginning at 9:45 am. To accommodate any confusion, times for stopping temperature taking and reopening the doors after service will not be strictly enforced for the first two Sundays. However, after the first two Sundays, parking lot and temperature-taking volunteers will leave their posts at 10:30 am to go to the sanctuary, and the coordinators will not let anyone enter past 10:40 am. Also, after the first two Sundays the church service will start precisely at 10:30 am and end at 11:15 am.

Availability of Building: The areas of the church building available during worship hours are Whitlow Hall, the main floor of the sanctuary, Broadway Hall, and the restrooms in McMurry Hall. If you need something from a room, please schedule a time during the week. A security volunteer will be on hand to prevent anyone from wandering to other areas. The office door will be locked. 

Childcare: At this time, we will not be able to offer any nursery or childcare. The staff will re-evaluate this situation every two weeks.



--Temperature Checks:

A volunteer will greet you and open the door to Whitlow Hall for you and take your temperature. Acceptable temperature limits will be visible to all who enter. The temperature check volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves. If a temperature is higher than acceptable limits, you will be asked to step aside so that the coordinator can get your information and then asked to return home. It is our hope and prayer that you will see your doctor to be sure you are ok. 

If anyone has not received a Welcome Back bag that contains a mask, or if someone forgets his/her mask go immediately to the Welcome Back Table to receive your Welcome Back bag with a mask or a replacement mask.

--Welcome Back Table:

If anyone has not received a Welcome Back bag that contains a mask, a pen, and some prayer request cards, please go to the table and get one from the volunteer. If a mask for children 3 or over is needed tell the volunteer how many you need. If anyone forgets his/her mask, we will have replacements. Even if you already have your own mask, please get a Welcome Back bag. We need to be able to say that we handed them out to everyone. Upon leaving the Welcome Back table a amks will be required for the duration of your stay inside the church building. Hopefully, after the first two Sundays, everyone will be wearing a mask by the time they come to the doors of Whitlow Hall. 

--Potty Break (If needed):

Unless you have a medical condition, we ask that you stay seated throughout the service. We also ask that only one person or a parent/child use the restroom at a time.

--Stairwells into Sanctuary:

Both entrances into the sanctuary will be available. A masked volunteer will be in each stairwell entrance Before you go up the stairs the volunteer will wipe down the handrails you choose to use. You can go up as an individual or household. After the individual or household has walked up the steps the volunteers will wipe the rail or rails for the next person or household. The C. Wayne Fesmire Lift will be available for those who need assistance, also.

--Sanctuary Doors

Upon entering the sanctuary, a masked usher will greet you. Hand sanitizer available for your use, if needed. An offering plate or box available for your offering. Please have your checks made out before you come to church. No offering envelopes will be available in the sanctuary. If envelopes are needed some will be available at the Welcome Back table. Please step aside and use the pen in your Welcome Back bag to fill out your envelope to keep the line flowing. 

Upon entering the sanctuary and dropping off your offering, your usher will seat you. The lectern/organ side of the sanctuary will be for those who feel like they are more vulnerable to the virus than others. The pulpit/piano side will be for those who feel like they are less vulnerable to the virus. Every other pew will be available, and you will be instructed to sit six feet apart. However, households can sit together at distances less than six feet, if desired. Please do not visit with folks and after you are seated and please remain in your seat. You are welcome to wave or blow kisses but please do not approach other folks for conversations. The chancel area will only be for the worship leaders. 

What will be in the sanctuary

There will only be a registration card in your seat in the pew. It is absolutely critical that you fill out the card and leave it in your seat upon dismissal after the service. That is why each Welcome Back bag has a pen. We need a record of your attendance for the purpose of contact tracing in case anyone comes down with the virus. Pictures will be taken each week to record who sat where. Detailed records will be kept of our worship attendance. Prayer request cards should be left in the seat as well. The registration cards and the prayer requests will remain in the sanctuary until Wednesday when they will be picked up and recorded. 


What will worship be like

We will have an abbreviated worship service lasting no more than 45 minutes. There will be a few announcements, prayer time, special music, and a brief message. There will be no bulletins or printed material. 


After the benediction the ushers, stairwell volunteers, parking lot volunteers and security volunteers will resume their posts. 

Those who are sitting on the lectern/organ side will exit first. You will head to either of the stairwells where you will walk down with the same procedures as walking up. The volunteer will wipe down the rail or rails before each person goes down. Please do not visit because that will hold up the line and please head to your vehicle unless you need to stop by the restrooms. The security volunteers will be guiding you. 

After the lectern side of the sanctuary has gone down the steps the pulpit side will depart next and follow the same procedures as the lectern side did. 

Once you are in the parking lot, please go to your cars and exit the parking lot. Be sure to beep your horn as a loving gesture both to God and to each other. 

Two ushers will head to the conference room where they will be greeted by a staff member. The ushers will put on gloves and count the money. Once the money has been counted, an usher and a staff member will place the financial bag in the Financial Secretary's office. 


Special Notes:

Katherine Chandler is the Coordinator of first, third, and fifth Sundays. Randa Brown is the Coordinator of second and fourth Sundays. If you have any special requests or needs, please see them. They will always be on hand before and after the service. If you need to give a message to a staff person, please tell Randa or Katherine. 

We will not have any floral arrangements; they will resume in January. The Reopening Team will evaluate and decide on poinsettias as the time gets closer.

If a worship attendee gets a positive test for Covid-19, please let the church know immediately so we know who to contact to let them know they need to get tested. A positive test will result in the suspension of in-person worship for an undetermined period of time. Always complete that registration card and leave it in your seat so we know who and how many people need to be contacted and tested. 


The church staff will continue to work mostly at home. Someone will be available Monday-Wednesday from 9:00 am till noon to answer the phones. The staff will reevaluate this as time goes along. A change will be made if Mother's Day Out is able to start back.

If and when the nursery and/or Mother's Day Out becomes available, the Eighth Street lot and door will be off limits except for mail delivery or other deliveries. The staff will use the Jefferson Street lot and the Whitlow Hall entrance. We must keep that part of the building as spotless as possible to protect our children. 

In the event that worship attendees do not complete their registration cards, attendees will be requested to complete them before they arrive at church and place them in a box at the Welcome Back table. A volunteer will be sure they are completed before the attendee enters the sanctuary. 

Please remember, currently, we are using the building for worship only. We hope that Mother's Day Out and Keys II will be able to resume sometime soon. These ministries will be evaluated by the Reopening Team for the safety and welfare of the children, parents, staff, and volunteers. Community Kitchen will remain outdoors through the duration of the pandemic. The church building is not available for any other events such as ministries, projects, activities, groups, or meetings. All of these must be conducted virtually for the duration of the pandemic. If a group or class wants to have a gathering outside the church the group must get approval and supply the Reopening Team with a safety plan. This is especially important for any children and youth activities. 


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